Story Arc

Intro/Setting: Talks about Charles M Schulz’s early life, personality, 1922

Inciting Incident: Talks about Schulz’s inspiration to start drawing comics

Rising Action 1: Joined army for two years, drawing career was put on hold, got back and worked as an art teacher and lettered words for comics

Rising Action 2: Introduces Li’l Folks

Rising Action 3: Talks about all the complications and changes Schulz had to go through for his comics to be accepted and published

Climax: Peanuts finally debuts in seven newspapers, begins Schulz’s path towards success

Falling Action 1: Peanuts become popular worldwide with animated films/shows

Falling Action 2: Elaborates on Schulz’s popularity

Resolution: Talks about Schulz’s success with the Peanuts, his awards, and how he inspires countless people

Eminent Introductory Post: Charles M. Schulz

I’m a shy girl at school, that’s no surprise. I usually spend my time doodling bizarre creations of mine on homework papers or reading comics. When I had to pick my eminent person, I struggled. They said my eminent should be female, since I identify as female, but no one stood out to me as much as my chosen male eminent person. In the middle of finding someone, I took a break and looked at my bookshelf for something to read. My eyes passed over a yellow book, it said “Peanuts” in big bold letters on the front cover. Above, it read Charles M. Schulz. Something clicked in my head and I immediately knew who I would be researching for the next 7 weeks. Since my childhood, I’ve always adored the Peanuts gang and enjoyed reading Schulz’s works. I could always relate to Charlie Brown with his awkwardness and way of thinking, and his adventures always cheered me up. I’ve always had a passion for art and making people laugh. When I first read the Peanuts, I was amazed by how he incorporated both art and humor to inspire people (including me) to do the same.

Charles M. Schulz, born on November 26, 1922 and died on February 12, 2000. He was a quiet kid in school, often drawing instead of socializing (which I can definitely relate to). He spent his time with his head in the comics page of the local newspaper, copying the characters he saw in his drawings. Schulz practiced drawing and developed his own style to achieve his dream of one day becoming a cartoonist. After his success he confessed, “It was something that I had planned for since I was six.”


– Charles M. Schulz




In 1950, the first Peanuts strip was published by the United Feature Syndicate of New York. During that time, Peanuts debuted in only seven newspapers. Within the next few years, its popularity gained rapidly, and it appeared in over 2,300 newspapers. Television shows reached out, and the Peanuts became an animated movie. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was produced in 1965. It is still played to this day during Christmas time, and is my all-time favorite Christmas movie. Charles M. Schulz’s success won him many awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a spot in the Cartoonists Hall of Fame.



– The Peanuts Gang

From 1950 to 2000, Schulz drew around 18,000 Peanuts strips. From an ambitious schoolboy to a great and eminent cartoonist, his success is phenomenal and inspired many people including Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes who is also an eminent person. I wish to continue the cycle of inspiring the next generation as the last did to me. I would like to be recognized for my entertaining comics and with my own drawing style, motivating others to chase their dream through my art. During this Eminent project, I wish to learn more about Schulz’s road towards this success, and how he learned from his failures and setbacks. I hope to imprint his strategies, so I can follow the same path. One of my goals for myself is to practice my talents. By picking Charles M. Schulz, I will be able to learn more about myself and what I can work on to further improve. I can compare my ways of art to his and see if there are any connections I can make to either him or his characters. I hope this project will introduce me to new art and humor tricks to help enhance my comics. Charles M. Schulz is a definitely an eminent person and I look forward to studying him.


Annie Yin Charles M Schulz
Female Male
Cartoonist in training Cartoonist
Not recognized Well recognized
Chinese-Canadian American
Shy person at school Was a shy person at school
Turns to drawing as a way to get out of reality Turned to drawing as a way to get out of reality
Is not joining the army Joined the army
Comics are not appearing in newspapers Comics appeared in newspapers
Did not win any awards Won many awards for his cartoons
Cartoons did not turn into animated shows (but is also interested in animation) Cartoons turned into animated shows
Has a passion for art Had a passion for art

First Blog Respones

First of all I just want to say this. If I were Sam, I would just tell everyone my dog is dying. If my classmates laugh at that, then I wouldn’t have any respect for them. Sam shouldn’t be ashamed of caring for his dog.


Sam’s lie impacted his mother’s and father’s life in a positive way by making their neighbours and people in their community empathy/pity them. When they heard Sam’s dad was dying, they felt like it was right to try and comfort them with their company, kind words/compliments, and homemade lasagna. Before, his mom and dad were either overly stressed and overly depressed. Sam feared he couldn’t cheer them up anymore but with the neighbours suddenly caring for them, they feel appreciated. To Sam, his lie let him get away with ginormous ice cream scoops along with his classmates now knowing about what really happened with his dog. I don’t think the lie was worth the consequences because the effects of it won’t last forever. After everyone knows his dad wasn’t really dying, they’ll go back to their normal life, not giving any more attention to their family, maybe even less than before because then they’ve known they were all being lied to. The situation was fake but everyone believed it and gave their feelings to Sam’s family. If I were to find out it was all a lie, I would be irate at them. Including the fact that he used that pity to get more for himself. The ice cream girl would have a grudge on him from then on because she thought she was doing the right thing, giving more to Sam since he was suffering but she was just being tricked the whole time.