Intro/Setting: Talks about Charles M Schulz’s early life, personality, 1922

Inciting Incident: Talks about Schulz’s inspiration to start drawing comics

Rising Action 1: Joined army for two years, drawing career was put on hold, got back and worked as an art teacher and lettered words for comics

Rising Action 2: Introduces Li’l Folks

Rising Action 3: Talks about all the complications and changes Schulz had to go through for his comics to be accepted and published

Climax: Peanuts finally debuts in seven newspapers, begins Schulz’s path towards success

Falling Action 1: Peanuts become popular worldwide with animated films/shows

Falling Action 2: Elaborates on Schulz’s popularity

Resolution: Talks about Schulz’s success with the Peanuts, his awards, and how he inspires countless people