“Stereotypes are never true”

I disagree with this statement because stereotypes are based on true facts, they are the public image/idea of a particular type of person or thing. The reason they are presumed as that is because of the previous knowledge of them. I, being Chinese, can say the stereotype that all Asians are smart is indeed not always true. While we are flattered by that, it can also be used to mock us. With our pressuring parents and environment, we get pushed aim for straight As and after seeing our intelligence, others around us might assume all of us are very smart. The stereotype is still somewhat true to certain people.

Some say all teenagers are rebels, and that is obviously not true but for some teenagers in the world, it is. Stereotype statements say “ALL” blah blah blah. The word “all” means everyone in that category, but everyone in the world is different and they might or might not comply with the public image of them. That is why stereotypes are sometimes true, not never true.