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This is the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center’s official website and it contained very useful information. Their whole facility is to research Charles Schulz and it is a legitimate website. It contained a biography of Charles M. Schulz and centered on how he created Peanuts.


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This website gave overall detailed information on the entirety of Charles M. Schulz’s life including the war he was drafted into. I used it to help write the first part of my speech.


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I checked Wikipedia and it gave a lot of info on Li’l Folks and Peanuts. It was very helpful with good explanation although I trust the other websites more than this. I took brief notes and used them for research.


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This book was from the Vancouver Library and it was all about Li’l Folks, the comic Charles M. Schulz worked on before it became Peanuts. It helped me with my question “How did Charles Schulz create Peanuts?”


Carlson, Cheryl. Charles M. Schulz. Capstone Press, 2005.

All the pictures in this book made it easy to understand the designs of Peanuts and it told more on the success of the comic. It included his success and how Peanuts became so popular which I used to write the main point of my speech.


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This whole book was contained interviews and conversations with Charles M. Schulz. I could take direct quotes from him.