For the official interview assignment of Eminent, we had to conduct an interview with someone in your Eminent person’s field. I immediately thought of the staff from Charles M. Schulz Museum because I knew they would have information on him since their job is to research Mr. Schulz after all. I emailed them and asked if I could have an interview via email with a staff of theirs. After a few days, I got an answer from Mr. Cesar Gallegos who was an Archivist from the museum. He said he would be happy to help me with my assignment and I gladly sent him my questions. He answered them very quickly and sent them back to me.

The information he provided was very useful. His answers had the perfect amount of detail so it wasn’t too simple or too confusing. He also gave me direct quotes from Charles Schulz and he explained them from the viewpoint of him and Charles Schulz which I thought was very cool.

Q: How would Charles M. Schulz describe Charlie Brown from the perspective of the creator?

A: This is a quote from Mr. Schulz from Newsweek Magazine, 1971 volume 78 number 26.

“Charlie Brown used to be a little more flippant, but then he fell into

place. I like Charlie Brown for his kindness and gentleness. He’s certainly the only character who’s all one thing. He’s a caricature. We all know what it’s like to lose, but Charlie Brown keeps losing outrageously. It’s not that he’s a loser; he’s really a decent little sort. But nothing seems to work out right. I used to say he tried too hard, and that he wanted everyone to like him too much, but I’ve grown away from that.”

Q: Why did Mr. Schulz give Charlie Brown that personality?

A: Part of the reason why Charlie Brown loses a lot is that Mr. Schulz once said winning isn’t funny. According to him losing is much funnier and lends itself to many more storylines.

He also gave me his own insights and opinions.  I could tell his knowledge on Charles Schulz was accurate and his passion for his job shone through his words. With his help, acquiring information was a lot easier.

My experience with this interview was a pleasant one and it will definitely help me in the future. Mr. Gallegos was very nice and understanding. The interaction with a professional from a high schooler has taught me how to be brave and polite. My Eminent interview was a success and I am glad I was able to have the experience.