For my first Eminent project, I chose Charles M. Schulz as my eminent person. I am a big fan of Peanuts and I decided to research more into them and their creator.


Before I started the journey, I made a few goals for myself. To use descriptive and sensory writing in my speech, make it engaging, and to have a creative and collaborative hands-on project. I got feedback from Mr. Morris saying I should add more descriptive language in my writing so I made that my first goal. I feel like I could’ve added more to my speech but overall, I think I did a good job of meeting that goal. I tried to incorporate sensory language and metaphors to make my speech more impactful. My second goal was to make my speech and learning center engaging. While performing my speech, I did not look up enough so I didn’t feel like to connected with the audience. Next year, I will know to memorize more of my speech and to make eye contact with the audience. As for my learning center, I did a good job of engaging my visitors. They were interested in the timeline I created, and many contributed to my group comic. Their creations were very fun to watch. I achieved my third goal of making my hands on project collaborative and creative. Many visitors offered to draw something for the comic and I got more drawings than I expected. I will remember Night of the Notables and keep it in a safe spot in my brain.


I will remember those nights I stayed up, pouring myself over the computer, researching all I could about Charles M. Schulz. My brain filling up with the holiness of Mr. Schulz, being fascinated with this journey towards success. The trip to Vancouver Library, walking along the sidewalks of downtown Vancouver with my classmates, three books weighing my backpack down. Sipping on my bubble tea as we ventured through the Vancouver weather and walking around the massive place. When it came time for speeches, I remember my hands getting clammy, my heart beating faster, and my mind racing. Waiting until the last day where I unconsciously raised my hand to go first. Standing in front of the class reading my speech aloud with the words rambling inside my head. It was as if God was stirring soup inside my brain. When it finally ended, feeling that weight lift off my shoulder as I walked off and sat in my chair thinking, “I did it.” The weekend before November 22 was filled with the panic of Learning Centers. I struggled to come up with a good idea but when I finally got to work on it, I think it turned out good. The day of Night of the Notables, for a month we put hard work and dedication towards this one night. It passed like a breeze. Watching the grade 10s was amazing. Their speeches took me to another dimension with the knowledge of their eminent people, seeing myself on that stage next year brought a shiver down my spine. Standing beside my Learning Center, watching people spill their creative comic characters onto my hands on project. Staying at school till 10:30 was ridiculous, but it was the finale of Eminent and I cherished it. The whole project was a crazy roller coaster and I’m glad I got to experience it.


I would like to thank my brain for not exploding, Mr. Cesar Gallegos for helping me with the interview and giving me very useful information, my teachers for doing a great job of guiding me through the maze, and my classmates for supporting me. I would also like to thank my mom for putting up with my whining and my soul for not leaving my body. Thank you!!