What are the most important aspects of a graphic novel?


For my Zip project, I would like to explore more into graphic novels. I want to know what makes a graphic novel a graphic novel and what the most important parts are. I have a passion for comics and graphic novels closely relate to them. I would like to learn what makes a graphic novel powerful in its own way and what about graphic novels makes them unique. I chose this skill because I use art to express myself, and I want to know how to combine it with words to make a story. Knowing I’ll have time to spend on my passion and what I’m interested in will drive me towards my final goal which is the presentation. My curiosity for my chosen topic will also lure me into this line of inquiry.


Currently, I know graphic novels incorporate drawings with literature to tell a story in a different way. The use of pictures with words has a unique effect compared to a chapter book where readers have to visualize it on their own. During this project, I want to know how graphic novels affect the reader. With my current knowledge, I understand graphic novels in a basic way and hopefully, it will make researching a little bit easier.


List of skills hope to expand on/learn by the end of this assignment:

  • What makes a graphic novel different compared to chapter novels?
  • How graphic novels have a different effect on the reader
  • What makes a graphic novel a graphic novel?
  • What are the most important parts of writing a graphic novel?
  • How to combine pictures and literature
  • How can I create a graphic novel?


For support, I can read famous graphic novels to see what major points there are, ask some artists about art and drawing, look for books about graphic novels, and of course the use internet. I can ask Mr. Morris regarding questions about English and my classmates for their opinions.


For my presentation, I will create a poster board that includes all the important aspects of a graphic novel, explaining why they are important and going into details. I can make a section of the board showing how graphic novels effect you when you read them, and another part teaching you how you can create a graphic novel of your own. I will have a diagram that shows how graphic novels combine art and literature and make it overall aesthetically pleasing and add fun little character details for the audience to enjoy.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Research on internet about graphic novels Focus on main inquiry question, give own insights, record thoughts
week 2 Pick out graphic novels from library and study them Branch off to other questions about graphic novels
Week 3 Start on own graphic novel ideas Use researched information to create a graphic novel Work on graphic novel Work on graphic novel
Winter break
Week 4 Review past notes, go deeper into detail with info Wrap up research and studies, focus on presentation Prepare presentation ideas and layout Prepare presentation ideas and layout
Week 5 Work on presentation & script Finalize presentation