December 8

I used last class to research the basic knowledge of graphic novels, took notes on the differences between comics and graphic novels, and looked up some famous graphic novels for me to read. I read and evaluated a few pages from popular graphic novels such as Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi and Smile by Raina Telgemeier, and I also used my time to put a hold on some graphic novels from the Coquitlam Library for me to pick up later.




I struggled with finding useful information since most sites just contained info that went off topic or they weren’t detailed enough.

Next block, I can find some graphic novels and physical forms of research from the school library beforehand and bring them to class to evaluate. I can also look into new questions I came up with such as, “how does genre and theme add to the graphic novel?” And, “how do different art styles make graphic novels all unique but impact the reader in the same way?”

2 thoughts on “ZIP DOL #1”

  1. S T A R – Relatable. My sources didn’t have specific information either. Still, your topic is very interesting and it offers a large variety of styles and genres.

    Q U E S T I O N – Are you doing a whole overview of general graphic novels? Or a specific group of graphic novels? There are many different art styles, colour themes and story genres that are full of different information and specific rules.

    Looking forward to your presentation!!^^


  2. * I love how detailed and in-depth you go about your research and issues you faced. It’s easy to see you’re passionate about your ZIP inquiry

    Q: How does colour/tone effect how a graphic novel is read/viewed?

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