In-Depth project has begun, and even before the school year started, it was in the back of my mind. Over the summer break, I visited a few museums in Toronto and Ottawa and saw all the cool sculptures/models of animals and creatures. I was fascinated by how real looking they were and how humans could create such a marvelous project with such skill. They were so detailed and every edge, body, and proportion was sculpted with care. When it came time to pick a topic for In-Depth, I centered my ideas on art related things but I quickly realized I wanted to do sculpting. Sculpting to me is a way to show a person’s true skill. It’s very hard to perfect but when it’s done right, the outcome is truly a masterpiece. I want to express my passions through clay and sculptures and to bring out my creativity in full 3D. I hope to learn how to sculpt intricate objects with correct proportions, have attention to small important details, and use tools. I hope to get to the point where I can create museum-like sculptures with fake fur and extra accessories. I’ve sculpted miniature clay figures in my childhood, but I want to kick it up a few notches and make bigger, better, and grander clay sculptures.


  • Create at least one big detailed sculpture to present
  • Create at least 3 medium sized detailed sculptures to present
  • Create a real-life looking animal to present, adding extra accessories

A few issues I had was with my mentor. I contacted Place des Arts and asked if a sculpting instructor from there was willing to be my mentor. I got a reply but after a few email messages, things didn’t work out. She was kind and referred me to one of her friends who also majored in sculpting, and also lives in Coquitlam. I contacted Mieko Graham right away and she officially became my mentor.

Another problem is a location for meetups with my mentor. I would like to use the Gleneagle ceramics room and the kiln inside, but I don’t know if I have the teacher’s permission.

I am very excited to start sculpting. I will become master sculptor by the end!