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Month February 2018

Significant Personal Object blog post

What is the story of Dough, the red Ox made of dough? My significant object is an Ox made from dough. He was made from leftovers for a restaurant dish. A few years back in 2009 (year of the Ox),… Continue Reading →

Historical Thinking blog post

I think the most important question to focus on during our socials unit is “How can history help us to live in the present?”  It targets the past and the present which I think is the most important compared to… Continue Reading →

In-Depth blog post Week 5

During the past two weeks, I asked the school art teacher for sculpting materials and she kindly sold me a bag of clay and allowed me to freely use the ceramics room. Now that I have secured my clay materials,… Continue Reading →

In-Depth blog post Week 3

When I met with my mentor, she told me there were many forms of sculpting. I discovered I was more interested in additive (adding sculpting materials, clay etc, together and sculpting it to make an object), figurative (sculpted objects based… Continue Reading →

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