When I met with my mentor, she told me there were many forms of sculpting. I discovered I was more interested in additive (adding sculpting materials, clay etc, together and sculpting it to make an object), figurative (sculpted objects based of a real object, opposite of abstract), and assemblage (assembling already found objects with other found objects or making other objects). These are the ones I will mainly focus on for my project. I also discovered I was interested in working with multi-media which my mentor specialized in. Multi-media including clay, metal, fabrics, wood, soap carving, etc. With my interests and my mentor’s experience, I will most likely be working with metal, fabrics, and combining clay to make separate media sculptures and adding them together to make multimedia sculptures. I will still mainly be focusing on clay for the beginning but will branch off into other media as I get more comfortable with sculpting.

During lunch, I went to the ceramics room and asked if I could use the clay and their various tools. The teacher said I had to be enrolled in a ceramics class for the semester, but she thought about it and was willing to sell me all the materials I needed for a price.

Right now, I am working on my sculpting skills with the notes from my mentor and waiting to buy the materials. I am also researching more on the history of sculpting with the books Mieko provided for me and practicing as much as I can before we meet again. Since I will be mostly working on my projects in the ceramics room at lunch, Mieko suggested we could Facetime or video call during lunch so we would work together, even if not physically meeting. I am continuing to learn and hoping to gain more skill during this week.