During the past two weeks, I asked the school art teacher for sculpting materials and she kindly sold me a bag of clay and allowed me to freely use the ceramics room. Now that I have secured my clay materials, I can get to work on my main clay sculpture(s). After meeting with my mentor several times, I have decided to change my objectives and goals to accommodate my mentor’s abilities and to work outside of regular ceramic making.

Updated goals:

  • Work on one sculpted CLAY sculpture for one month using materials from ceramics room
  • Work on one METAL/FABRIC sculpture
  • Work on one MULTIMEDIA sculpture for one month

Mentor- Mieko Graham

Currently, my mentor and I are meeting on Monday after school at the library every 2 weeks, and sometimes Friday after school. The last few meetings were around 30 mins where my mentor gave me information on the different types of sculpting and some books for me to read and study. Now that I have clay, access to a kiln, and can freely use the ceramics room, I have a location to sculpt in. For one month, I will be working on a clay sculpture. I will mostly be working during lunch times and Facetiming my mentor while at school. That way, she can help me while not needing to physically be with me. She can still give me directions and feedback while I sculpt.

What learning challenges emerged?

Sculpting is a very broad topic of study and five months isn’t enough time to cover all the materials included, all the styles, types, and knowledge. While I picked clay sculpting at the beginning, I became more interested in multimedia sculpting. I can only create few final artifacts in the time given. During the planning of clay sculptures, the sculptor needs to plan, sculpt the project, wait for it to dry, fire it, then glaze/paint the sculpture. The process can take up to months to do but I only have five. During In-Depth, I would like to squeeze in more projects that are not clay based. Other media sculptures can take just as long or even longer. To overcome this challenge, I plan to set weekly/monthly goals to keep myself on track. I also need to make more time for In-Depth in order to complete what I want to complete.

What logical challenges affected your communication?

              My schedule is quite packed and the time that is most convenient for me to work is during lunch at school. The problem with that is my mentor can’t physically be with me and I only have around 40 mins to work. It will take me much longer than I want but I will have all the materials and tools around me in the ceramics room. I’m planning to FaceTime my mentor at lunch while I work but it will be harder and more challenging if I’m getting her feedback from a video call. When my schedule is less tight and when the project is less fragile, I can work someplace where my mentor will be with me.

What factors affected your ability to interact effectively?

In the library where we meet, we only have a limited meeting time and we are in an environment where there are other people around and is a generally quiet place. I cannot bring my slab of clay into the library and she cannot go to Gleneagle during lunch times to work with me. While we are getting more comfortable with each other, we are still strangers and we still need time until we can interact effectively. The more we work with each other, the more comfortable we will get.