I think the most important question to focus on during our socials unit is “How can history help us to live in the present?”  It targets the past and the present which I think is the most important compared to the other questions. The events and actions from history can give the future informed judgments on what actions to take. We can use history to live a better future. If issues from the past happen in the present or future, we can look back to solve these reoccurring problems. With the new knowledge of the present and the historical evidence of the past, our future can expand in success. For example, there were many diseases and sicknesses in history where people thought nothing could cure them. The Black Plague was extremely deadly and nobody knew where it came from or how to prevent it. Eventually, people found out it came from rats and fleas from overseas and found a way to protect themselves. Staying away from the infected trade route places lead to a breakthrough. Today, if a plague were to spread again, we would have the present knowledge and research of antibiotics and the past knowledge of what actions to take. Humanity needs history to help live in the present and future.