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  1. Annie, I really enjoyed your presentation and found your topic really original. I had no idea that we had the ability to take carbon back out of our atmosphere in this way. I liked how you animated the video yourself, I feel it added a personal touch to your presentation. I can’t imagine how much work it was animating the presentation. I am wondering if the production of these synthetic trees is eco-friendly, since they seem to be very effective but are they worth the production pollution?
    Sarah J

  2. Hey Annie!
    I love your title, ‘Toodaloo Talk’. I didn’t realize there was an artificial tree that could store CO2 like this! I found it really cool that we could rinse the CO2 out with water, like, is it really that easy to just wash out CO2 out of those artificial trees? I also didn’t know that we could use the collected CO2 to feed algae, which can then be used as biofuel.
    Do you think there will be other ways to use collected CO2 in the future? Do you think that this technology will become widely implemented, or perhaps a different type of technology will be used?
    These questions are really subjective and opinion based, but I’m curious as to what your opinion will be.
    Thanks for showing me something new!
    -Grace :))

  3. Hey Annie:
    I really enjoyed your TED talk and your topic grabbed my attention at first because this relates to our science lesson which talks about climate change. Your video elaborated on many key points we talked about in class. Before your video, I had no idea that there was a kind of artificial trees that store CO2 like that. Beside that, I like how you used facts to prove your point and the numbers will definitely raise a lot of awareness as climate change is currently a huge global problem.
    On the other hand, your visuals were also very clean and easy to follow and I really like how you inserted a very useful video to make your information more easy to follow through. One little thing I would like to add up is that I noticed most of your presentation is based on facts and I am thinking to maybe add a little bit of your own opinion on this. Overall, I definitely enjoyed your presentation. GOOD JOB!! :)
    Kimi Liang

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