Dearest friend,

After being called upon by sudden demand to attend the Charlottetown Conference, my ideas have been changed. I wasn’t eager for the Canadian Confederation before, but the fellow delegates have persuaded me. Now, I will promote the Confederation through my newspaper editorials. Although I hold the seat of one of the legislative council members, I was not listed to attend the conference, but one of the delegates dropped out and Charles Tupper recruited me last minute. I do have to say, Tupper has become an excellent figure. I remember my teaching days when I was trying to earn money to study law. Tupper stood out and I could tell he would grow to succeed me one day. Tupper was very supportive of the Confederation and trusted in his delegates. At the conference, I went against Joseph Howe, a colleague I closely worked with and also one of the representatives of Nova Scotia for the conference. He was the one who appointed me into the Legislative council after I supported him during the 1847 election. The 1863 Liberal election though, was tougher for Howe. He blamed his loss on me, for not being popular enough with the public. We’ve had many disagreements in the past including this one. Howe did, and still does not support the Confederation. I looked up to him before, but I must become superior to him if I want Nova Scotia to confederate.

I use journalism to express my beliefs and take pride in the many articles I write concerning the Canadian Confederation. I first began writing for the Acadian Recorder, spilling my perspectives and opinions to the public. I then became the editor for the Halifax Morning Chronicle but was fired after publishing articles that agreed with the Canadian Confederation. The citizens of Nova Scotia do not wish to join with the other colonies but I didn’t let that stop me from trying to persuade the public of changing their mind about the Canadian Confederation. I bought the Morning Journal and Commercial Advertiser and renamed it the Unionist and Halifax Journal to continue to write in support of the Confederation.

Again, I do wish for Nova Scotia to join the Confederation, much to Nova Scotia’s disapproval. People including Howe and the citizens do not wish to confederate. Howe argues that we have already established responsible government and believes that we would be a neglected colony compared to the others. He stated that we have enough trades from America and Britain and wants no part of Canada. The citizens of Nova Scotia wish to join America and they are not familiar with the other colonies. Tupper’s side, including Sir Adams George Archibald and I, argue that the Confederation would bring many benefits to our colony such as wider trade markets, a stronger defense from American expansion and Fenian Raids, a railway that stretched across the nation, giving us faster and more convenient transportation that linked the colonies together. Anyways, I hope Nova Scotia will confederate create a beautiful nation. I write this letter to you to catch up on my life. I hope to see you soon my friend.


Jonathan McCully