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Month October 2018

LACE wise nugs

I conducted two interviews. One with a musical instrument repair technician and the other with a freelance graphic designer. These 3 thematic statements are applicable to both career fields plus more. There is a minimum amount of skill/knowledge needed in… Continue Reading →

Harrison Bergeron

Book to film adaptations have always altered the story in some way. They can either strip the authenticity of the novel or give more impact. Compared to Kurt Vonnegut’s written “Harrison Bergeron”, the film 2081 offers the effects of cinematography,… Continue Reading →

Eminent 2018 Introductions

“Death is only a result. How you live is the most important.” – Xiong Dun Eminent has returned for its annual visit and this year and I have chosen Xiang Yao, or more commonly known by her pen name, Xiong… Continue Reading →

Single Story Response

In Chimamanda Adichie‚Äôs The Danger of a Single Story, she tells how one side of a story results in a shallow understanding of a topic and leads to the belief of exaggerated or fake stereotypes. Her university dorm roommate was… Continue Reading →

Eleanor & Park Novel Response: 1/3

Eleanor and Park impress me by how loyal and intimate they are with each other during the phone call. It takes courage to confess emotions but they both know they cherish each other. This scene reveals the emotional side of… Continue Reading →

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