Eleanor and Park impress me by how loyal and intimate they are with each other during the phone call. It takes courage to confess emotions but they both know they cherish each other. This scene reveals the emotional side of Eleanor. When Park said her name, she realizes she started to cry and responded with, “Stop, don’t say my name like that. It only makes it worse” (107). Park is seen as confident, not thinking twice about stating his feelings with bold remarks such as, “No, I love your name. I don’t want to cheat myself out of a single syllable” (107). The two characters both want each other. They have a strong love for another and fear being away from each other. More specifically, Eleanor fears her abusive stepdad and the impact he has on her life with Park. During this scene, Eleanor is facing her internal struggle of accepting herself and her external conflict of her family. Park is facing his own external conflict of his parent’s expectations and his relationship with his classmates once he starts dating Eleanor. Compared to how much these two resented each other in the beginning, it’s a bit unrealistic how fast their relationship developed. The first words Park said to Eleanor when they first met on the school bus were, “Jesus-f***, just sit down” (8). Park’s first impression of Eleanor was a “big and awkward girl who dressed like she wanted people to look at her” (7). He refused to give up the empty seat next to him until pity eventually overthrew him. A few chapters go by and what he says to her now are, “I don’t like you, I need you. I miss you Eleanor, I want to be with you all the time, […]” (109). Although despite how fast their relationship flourished, I am satisfied with their development. If two people are in the same position as Eleanor and Park, they I believe they are characters they should emulate. Since this book revolves around the topic of a first love and the emotional connection between two individuals, it was hard for me to relate to any of the situations or affection the characters were feeling. So far in my life, I have not been in a position where I am attracted to another and the other is attracted to me. The values and morals between 1986 and 2018 have significantly changed and the experiences we share are very different.