Agree//People are their own worst enemy.


A person only succumbs to their negative beliefs when they, themselves believe in it. Even the strongest enemies can’t break someone with an unwavering personal mentality. An individual knows themselves the best; they know their┬ástrongest strengths and crippling weaknesses. The everlasting clash between personal and sociative values are fighting inside their heads. Let’s take a dark but serious turn. When suicide is considered, the ultimate decision is made by the individual. Even when others perpetuate their thinking, the final conclusion is made definite by themselves. The moment they believe death is the answer, they lose to their enemy. When we look at a “superhero” vs “supervillain” scenario, there is a clear line between beliefs. When dealing with your own self, ┬áthe line between being your own friend and being your enemy is always wavering. We can never escape ourselves.