With 2019 taking off, it’s time to delve into my last In-Depth. This year, I’m choosing to master the field of musical instrument repair. Specifically, band and orchestral instruments instead of electric guitars or PA equipment that require technical knowledge. This would include mainly brass, woodwinds, and strings. During this project, my goal is to gain experience in working with a variety of these instruments. Although I have a favouritism towards flutes and trombones, I will set aside my bias and branch out to different instruments. Being able to play a little bit of each instrument allows the technician to have a better understanding of its mechanical features. Along my in-depth journey, it might be necessary for me to learn a few new instruments at my leisure.

Repair technicians tasks include:

  • Instrument tune-ups
  • Aligning keys and valves
  • Fixing loose screws
  • Removing dents
  • Polishing
  • Diagnosing problems in faulty instruments
  • Working with schools and other music organizations

During this project, I will be getting hands-on experience in one of Vancouver’s best music shops with mentorship from professionals. Just like my last year’s topic on sculpting, I enjoy tactile activates that yield an end product. By mastering instrument repair, I wish to use these skills to help communities around me such as band at school or band at cadets. By having

By getting early training in this field, this will put me above the competition in terms of experience if I ever choose to pursue a part-time repair tech job.

I received a reply from my mentorship request email to Long & McQuade, a popular music shop with a repair branch located in Vancouver. Details will be sorted out as soon as I meet up with their technicians.