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Month February 2019

R&J: Critical Response

Based on our readings so far, do you agree or disagree that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is one of œ‘infatuated children’ engaging in ‘puppy love’” ? Why or why not? Provide at least two pieces of textual evidence. From Romeo… Continue Reading →

MIR In-Depth #3

The following weeks of In-Depth have been going slow. After changing mentors, it took some time to schedule the first meetup. During the time where I was waiting for Massullo Music’s reply, I did some research at my own leisure…. Continue Reading →

MIR In-Depth #2

MIR- Musical Instrument Repair My first few weeks of in-depth has been Adante. I succeeded in finding a mentor in mid-January but after two meetups, he concluded that his personal life didn’t have the time for a mentorship. I’ve recently… Continue Reading →

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