For my Desmos graphing project, I chose to “draw” the notorious Squirtle Squad from Pokemon. I outline the main, central Squirtle along with the heads of his two buddies. I started off by using circle equations for faces, nostrils, and round sunglasses. By adjusting the outputs (x+a)^2 + (y+b)^2=r^2, I was able to change their sizes with r and placements with a and b. I could’ve also used circle equations to draw the curves of Squirtle’s hands but I wanted to experiment with reciprocal functions. I took the curves of the asymptotes and restricted the domain and range.There were many lines where it seemed like a simple linear would work but it was slightly curved at the ends. I connected quadratic equations with linear equations to complete a few of the shell lines. For Squirtle’s legs, I used square root functions and connected them with linear equations to form the “curved to straight” shape. With the help of Mr. Salisbury, I learned to shade in areas using inequalities. By changing the equals sign into a greater than/equal to sign, the graph shades in areas below the function. Along with restrictions of other lines around it, I was able to limit the shaded parts to only the sunglasses.

Granted, this isn’t the most complicated and exact graph but I am ok with it. I will definitely be doing more Desmos drawings in the future for fun.