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In_Depth #5

Ever since changing my in-depth topic to skateboarding, I’ve been pressured by the short amount of time I have left. There are less than two months until in-depth night so it’s been my goal to practice every day and get… Continue Reading →

Canada: Country, Nation, or Postnationalism?

Canada is a country known for multiculturalism and the many nations we possess. Just because we are diverse, it doesn’t correlate to a loss of a core Canadian identity. Canada is internationally recognized, “[we have] borders, where guards check passports,… Continue Reading →

In-Depth #4

News Flash! My in-depth topic has changed. I have been learning the techniques of musical instrument repair but due to scheduling problems that were hindering meetup times with my mentor, I made the decision to switch to a topic that… Continue Reading →

R&J: Critical Response

Based on our readings so far, do you agree or disagree that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is one of œ‘infatuated children’ engaging in ‘puppy love’” ? Why or why not? Provide at least two pieces of textual evidence. From Romeo… Continue Reading →

MIR In-Depth #3

The following weeks of In-Depth have been going slow. After changing mentors, it took some time to schedule the first meetup. During the time where I was waiting for Massullo Music’s reply, I did some research at my own leisure…. Continue Reading →

MIR In-Depth #2

MIR- Musical Instrument Repair My first few weeks of in-depth has been Adante. I succeeded in finding a mentor in mid-January but after two meetups, he concluded that his personal life didn’t have the time for a mentorship. I’ve recently… Continue Reading →

Final ZIP 2019

My inquiry question is “how are graphic novel components altered in order to appeal to different demographics?” I was drawn to this question as an add-on from last year’s ZIP. My goal this year was to create original graphic novels… Continue Reading →

In-Depth 2019

With 2019 taking off, it’s time to delve into my last In-Depth. This year, I’m choosing to master the field of musical instrument repair. Specifically, band and orchestral instruments instead of electric guitars or PA equipment that require technical knowledge…. Continue Reading →

ZIP DoL3.0

What new questions have come up in your inquiry? Will you include these in your final presentation or might they be saved for future research or assignments? Do these questions help narrow your focus or do they distract you from your… Continue Reading →

ZIP DoL2.0

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.   This online guide to writing children’s book has helped spark inspiration for writing my own children’s… Continue Reading →

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